30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

Need a weight loss plan to get slim in 30 days? Yes, you can lose 20 pounds in a month through this 30-day weight loss plan it is very possible!

Do you know that more you plan, the more likely you’ll stick to your healthy weight loss goal?


Many people really wish to lose weight but a greater percentage of these people don’t know where to start from. If you fall into that category, then this 30-day weight loss plan is for you.

Like we’ve always mentioned, losing weight is not an overnight job.

Those articles that you read on some website promising that you’ll lose a lot of weight within a short time are basically not telling the whole story.



30-Day Weight Loss Plan to lose 20 pounds in a month



Though it is possible to lose weight within days, it comes at the risk of your health(1).

There is no magical formula to help you lose weight. All you need to lose weight is the resolve and dedication to a workout plan and a healthy diet.


According to new research, when it comes to losing body fat, diet plus exercise are most effective ways of losing weight compared to either strategy alone (2).


This post is more beneficial to those that really want to lose weight naturally but do not know where to start from.

Benefits of the 30-Day Weight Loss Plan


Look! It is usually said that there is no shortcut to success.

This same principle applies to the process of weight loss in your body.

The most important factors are determination and dedication to a weight loss plan.


This 30-day weight loss plan helps to increase your body’s flexibility and endurance.

Not only that, it also adds more strength to your body as the day progresses.

What this means is that as you go through with this exercise day by day, you will find tasks that were previously difficult to perform, now very easy.


Your body’s strength and endurance level will increase to a new level never before seen.

Also, this exercise tones up your whole body. No part of the body is left behind as this exercise makes sure it touches every single area.

You can be rest assured that your whole body is being worked on.


30 Day Weight Loss Plan -Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


Our 30-day weight loss plan is made up of the 7 best body fat-burning exercises out there.

We will also discuss how to perform each exercise.


Each week, you will start again with the exercise on day one and increase the difficulty as you go ahead.

Are you ready to tone your muscles, burn fat and boost your metabolism?


Let’s get this show on the road:


Day 1 – Sprinting (High Knees)


Your 30-day weight loss plan begins here, to lose 20 pounds in a month…

But before you go on any exercise run, sit yourself down and ask yourself; “how do I feel right now?


This question is important because losing weight is not necessarily about shame or blame.

Yes, you might be unhappy with your bodyweight, but that’s not enough to be ashamed.


Put away those feelings and take away the pressure from yourself.

The pressure only makes it look like a “mission impossible.” Does this sound like you?

Once that is done, you go ahead with the 30-day weight loss plan of the day – the high knee sprint.


30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


The high knee sprint is popular among athletes, footballers, and other sports.

It is one cardio exercise that can be done virtually anywhere.

This workout will help you burn fat all over your body. It also improves your stamina and cardiovascular endurance.


How To Do The High-Knee Sprints

  • Begin by standing upright with your arms bent and slightly placed at your sides.
  • Now raise your knees towards your chest as fast as you can and begin alternating the knees.
  • Make sure you combine it by alternating your arm vigorously.
  • Perform about 10 knee sprints on this day.


Day 2 – Switch Lunges


The second day is here and today the 30-day weight loss plan you will perform is switch lunges.

But before you go on, sit down and set some goals.


The goals you set must be measurable, specific, time-based, achievable, and results-focused.

You should set the number of pounds you want to lose within this 30 days. Once done, proceed to the exercise of the day.


30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


The switch lunges are powerful exercises that rapidly burn fat throughout your body.

Specifically, this workout targets your glutes, core, quads, inner thigh , calves, and hamstrings. Follow the guide below to perform the switch lunge workout.


How To Do Switch Lunges

  • Begin by lunging forward and ensure your right thigh is parallel to the ground.
  • Swing your arms in order to aid your momentum and balance.
  • Now jump up and at the same time, also switch your legs.
  • Land in a lunge posture and make sure your left foot is at the front.
  • Repeat movement to make one rep.
  • You should perform 10 reps of the switch lunges.


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Day 3 – Perform Speed Skater Lunges


30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


Here is day 3 and the workout on your 30-day weight loss exercise plan is the speed skater lunges.

Don’t be surprised that we have another variation of the lunge here on this plan.

Lunges are effective exercises that can help tone your body.


This exercise works your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Your abs, calves and lower back are also not left out.

Follow the guide below to perform the speed skater lunges.


How To Do The Speed Skater Lunges

  • Begin by assuming a side lunge posture.
  • Make sure one of your legs is bent and also parallel to the ground. The other leg must be straight to your side.
  • Use all your strength to jump up and switch your legs.
  • By now, the leg that was straight should be bent and the other leg is now straight to your side.
  • Perform 10-speed skater lunges.


 Remember: Ensure your core is tight all through the movement and you should also stay as low as you can and switch sides as fast as possible.


Day 4 – Squat Jacks


It’s day 4 and today, you will be performing the squat jacks.

The squat jacks do not require an instrument to perform.

This exercise works your hamstrings, calves, quads, and glutes. It is one exercise that will definitely boost your strength and endurance.


30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


How To Do The Squat Jacks

  • Begin by standing and make sure your feet are in close proximity together.
  • Your hands should be clasped just behind your head.
  • Push those hips back as if in a half-squat posture.
  • Now jump both feet out to your sides and at the same time, maintain the squat posture.
  • Immediately, jump your feet back together to the previous starting position.
  • Perform about 10 reps of this exercise.


Day 5 – Pilates Teasers


Out of all pilates mat exercises, the pilate teaser still remains the shining star.


This is because it utilizes virtually all the principles of Pilates. It is a fantastic full body exercise that targets many muscles in your body.

The pilates teasers also develop your balance. Follow the guide below to perform the day 5 exercise of the 30-day weight loss exercise plan to lose 20 pounds in a month.


30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


How To Do The Pilates Teasers

  • Begin by lying on the ground with your face up.
  • Your knees should also be bent over your hips and your arms extended up.
  • Make sure your palms are also facing each other.
  • Roll your upper body and extend your legs until you assume a sitting position with your body forming a V-shape.
  • Your arms should also be parallel to your legs at this stage.
  • Now pause, and slowly roll your upper body down, with your legs still in the air.
  • Return to the previous starting position as soon as your shoulders touch the mat.
  • Slowly repeat the movement.
  • Perform about 10 reps of the pilates teasers.


Day 6 – Burpees


The burpee is regarded as one of the best fat-burning exercises out there.

This is one effective exercise that can make you lose 20 pounds in a month.


Some fitness experts regard it as a brutal bodyweight workout because of its amazing benefits.

In addition to helping you lose weight, they also build endurance and strength throughout your body.


They burn so many calories and increase your heart rate at the same time.

Also, they contribute a lot to your coordination and balance. Follow the guide below to reap the amazing benefits of burpees.


30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


How To Do Burpees

  • Begin by standing straight and then dropping into a squat position.
  • Your hands should be on the floor in front of your feet.
  • Then kick your feet back just behind you and ensure your arms are extended as if in a raised plank position.
  • If you like, you can conclude with a press-up here.
  • Perform 10 burpees today.


Day 7 – Plyo Push-Ups


This exercise I love doing every day!


Some consider the plyo push-up as one of the most powerful bodyweight exercises.

The reason for this is not farfetched. The exercise is a bodyweight workout that most especially focuses on your arms, abs, and chest.


It is such a fantastic workout to help you lose weight. Follow the directions below to include the plyo push-up in your 30-day weight loss plan.


30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month


How To Do The Plyo Push-Ups

  • Begin by assuming a pushup position.
  • Then engage your abs and glutes.
  • Lower your body and bend your elbows till your chest is almost touching the ground.
  • Now use all your force to press yourself up till you feel your hands leaving the ground.
  • Clap those hands together before you return to the ground.
  • Perform about 10 reps of this plyo push-up


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Day 8 to Day 30


Once it is day 8, you begin the exercise all over again following exactly the same routine.

However, you must increase the reps by 5-15 as you go along. It is important for you to increase the difficulty level as the day goes by.


In week 2, instead of performing 10 high knees sprint, you should perform 2 sets of 10 reps each.

Perform 2 sets of 10 reps each of each exercise in week two.


In week 3, you should take things up a notch. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps each instead of 2 sets.

By now, your body should be able to handle even tougher tasks.

Challenge yourself even more, but be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Challenge your body, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps each of each exercise.


During week 4, take it further up a notch. This is the last week so you got to put all the work in.

You should perform 4 sets of 10 reps each. The increase in reps is necessary in order to help your body burn even more fat as the day goes by.

At the end of the month, you should have lost a significant amount of pounds. Remember to calculate how much you’ve lost and always record it down.


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30-Day Weight Loss Plan | Lose 20 Pounds in a Month



Explained above is the best 30-day weight loss plan you can do. This 30-day weight loss exercises plan consists of the best fat-burning exercises out there.

You should remember that exercises alone are only half of the “equation”. Combine this with a healthy diet plan. You will definitely see remarkable results at the end of the month.


Don’t forget:

You must always consult your doctor before you decide to go on any weight loss program.

Though this 30-day weight loss plan is completely healthy, it might not be suitable for some. It is important to check with your doctor before you embark on any weight loss plan.


Now go out there and make it happen! If you like to share your weight loss journey or have any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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