14 Best Yoga Pants for Women at Best Price (Leggings, Loose & Curve)


  1. Yoga Pants with Mesh


Yoga Pants with Mesh


This yoga pant just had to make our list because of its rising popularity over the years. It is specially made for those who sweat much or are involved in HIIT workouts.

The pant is carefully constructed with an open hole just at the back of the knee. (Where to buy? Get one here)

This will help to aid airflow and encourage breathability, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your workout.


  1. Loose Yoga Pant


Loose Yoga Pant


The concept of loose clothing in yoga has been in use for years. Loose yoga pant allows you the freedom to stretch in any direction you desire.

It aids your range of motion, thereby eliminating any limit to your movement. (Where to buy? Get one here)


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